Embracing the Tutorial Path

Striking the Balance, Sharing Knowledge, and Embracing Growth

Embracing the Tutorial Path

I am now an Engineering Manager. It's a role that I've eagerly embraced, transitioning from my previous position as a hands-on developer. The shift from being knee-deep in code to overseeing a team has brought about a whirlwind of change. But amidst the new challenges and responsibilities, there is one aspect of my previous role that I refuse to let go of: writing technical tutorials. Yes, even as a manager, I still find immense value in sharing my knowledge through tutorials. I recently published a tutorial and was almost immediately asked "why". Allow me to share with you why I remain committed to this pursuit.

The Art of Staying Up to Date: My Managerial Secret Weapon

As an Engineering Manager, it's easy to get swept up in a sea of meetings, reports, and strategic planning. The technical aspects of my previous role might seem distant, but I've come to realize that staying up to date is vital in leading my team effectively. Writing technical tutorials has become my secret weapon in this pursuit.

By immersing myself in the process of crafting tutorials, I actively engage with the latest concepts, tools, and frameworks. It forces me to delve deep into new technologies, gain practical experience, and understand their implications. The process keeps my technical skills sharp and ensures that I can provide informed guidance when discussing technical strategies with my team. It's a way to bridge the gap between the managerial and technical realms, allowing me to bring the best of both worlds to my role.

Empowering Others: Sharing the Gift of Knowledge

As an Engineering Manager, one of my primary responsibilities is to empower and support my team members on their professional journeys. Writing technical tutorials has become a powerful means of achieving this.

Through my tutorials, I provide valuable resources to my team, assisting them in solving technical challenges, acquiring new skills, and exploring innovative approaches. It fosters an environment of learning and collaboration, where my team feels supported and inspired to take ownership of their growth. By sharing my knowledge and expertise, I become a mentor to those I work with, helping them navigate the intricate web of technology and unlocking their full potential.

Fostering Growth: Leaving a Legacy Beyond the Code

Beyond the immediate impact on my team, writing technical tutorials allows me to leave a lasting legacy in the broader tech community. Each tutorial I create becomes a contribution to the collective growth of the industry, reaching beyond the confines of my organization.

When I share my experiences, lessons learned, and innovative solutions, I become a source of guidance for those who stumble upon my tutorials. The impact goes far beyond the readers, as my writing has the potential to inspire and guide aspiring developers, junior engineers, and seasoned professionals seeking new challenges. It's a way for me to give back to a community that has nurtured my own growth throughout my career.

Furthermore, tutorial writing fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth within my team. When team members see me actively engaged in learning and sharing, it sets an example that encourages them to embrace their own learning journeys. It creates an environment where curiosity is celebrated, challenges are seen as opportunities for growth, and collaboration thrives.

Embrace the Tutorial Path: A Personal and Professional Journey

As an Engineering Manager, I've come to appreciate the unique blend of technical expertise and managerial acumen that my role demands. Writing technical tutorials allows me to strike a balance between these two aspects of my career, ensuring that I stay connected to the technical side of the field while fulfilling my responsibilities as a mentor and leader.

So, I invite you to join me on this personal and professional journey. Let us embrace the tutorial path, sharing our knowledge, staying up to date, and fostering growth within our teams and the wider tech community. Together, we can make a lasting impact and continue to evolve as both managers and tech enthusiasts.